Monday, September 3, 2012


This arrived on the desk today and we just had to share it. By our reckoning these little people are made to a Lilliputian 1:200 scale.

Art or model?
Strictly speaking, these are more 'art object' than scale model, but the notion of having a diorama at - or rather, on - your fingertips, is an interesting one. And it's a reminder that scale models need not be in the more popular bigger sizes.

Got a big spare room?
At least to 1:200 scale, you have room for an entire air force, or airline, on a shelf top. Indeed, that shelf could be home to a decent chunk of runway - not that you can fit a whole one in the average spare room. Even a minimum-length 6000-foot runway would stretch some 30 ft (9.1 m) to this scale. Still, it's a thought.

All sorts of interesting 1:200 scale stuff from mainstream makers here. 

** Mini-people on the fingernails - the source for this pic is unknown. Let us know if possible, so we can credit accordingly.