Friday, March 22, 2013


We’re great fans of paper and card models here at SMN, so when we came across the ecardmodels website, we had a quick “Aha!” moment, followed by another when we noted some free models to download.

There are many subjects on offer at ecardmodels, far too many to list here. Simply put, if you like anything from sci-fi to ships, via aircraft, structures, or AFVs, then you have to go and look. Even wargamers are covered, with such items as 30mm scale field tents and cobblestone streets, though the fantasy-style ‘Crane House of Rake’s Corner’ is perhaps our top choice.

Desktop downloads
The Crane House comes from Dave Graffam Models, and like all else, arrives on your desktop as a downloadable pdf, ready to print out on your own printer. Dave also has free taster models ready to download.

A question of scale
Scale is a moot point with card and paper models, as you can vary it somewhat, simply by changing the percentage command on your printer. The Crane House is suitable for 15-30mm scale, but of course you choose what you wish, provided you have a suitable printer. The high-wing aircraft (below) is sized to make a 1:72 scale model, but again you can vary this according to output instructions.

Print in colour
The samples in the pix are typical ecardmodels output and print nicely on the office HP printer, and there’s shouldn’t be an problem with any half-decent colour printer from the bigger makers.

Makes a nice change from plastic, and the results are worth the effort - and how nice to have the ‘parts’ in such a convenient downloadable form.

Visit ecardmodels here.

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This nifty racing boat made into a highly convincing model.