Saturday, March 30, 2013


This 1:25 scale kit reissue from Round 2 Models originates from the time when AMT was producing its range of ‘Annual’ car kits, matching the output of the ‘full-size’ Detroit car companies.

The kit is reasonably straightforward to assemble, as were most models of this era, the box containing just over 90 parts moulded in white plastic, plus transparent components for the window glass and custom front lamps, with clear red for the tail lights.

Steel or plastic?

It can be built in the one of the classic ‘3 in 1’ ways - stock, drag or as a mild custom. It is an ‘old style’ AMT kit as you have metal axles on which the wheels rotate. This is somewhat non-scale, as it involves a hole in the sump/oil pan to allow the front axle to pass through, but it does mean that you have much stronger axles. These were replaced with plastic versions in later kits, but in this Round 2 reissue, metal axles have been reintroduced, though the plastic ones are still the box.

Seats and engine
There is a simplified one-piece chassis, so no separate axles or driveshaft, and a ‘tub’ interior, with the sides moulded in one with the floor. However, the front seats are separate, and you get two sets - stock and buckets - and the engine can be hopped-up with twin carbs and straight-through drag headers.

Slicks or stock?
You get ten tyres in all - four stock and four ‘Polyglas GT’ in two sizes for the front and rear, plus a pair of rear slicks if you are going the racing route.

Destination: bits box
There are a number of components that cannot be used with the kit - they are for convertible and fastback versions - but such parts make good additions to the bits-and-pieces box.

When assembled, the Round 2 AMT 1966 Ford Mustang measures some 180mm (7in) long.