Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Our second look at the weekend smallspace space, science-fiction and fantasy model show begins with life-size Daleks taking over the Buckinghamshire village of Hanslope, home to the show.

Organisers and guests pose on the Space 1999 Alpha Moon Base set (left to right) Mat Irvine, Mike Tucker, Paul Fitzmaurice and Jamie Anderson.

A Cyberman stands guard over the entrance.

An expertly-made FAB-1 Rolls-Royce by David Sisson. If you look closely, the FAB 1 number plate is reversed left-to-right. This isn’t an error - it was done for a special photoshoot.

Model maker Duncan Willis (at back) recreates puppet characters from various Gerry Anderson series. 

A Thunderbird puppet with a difference, representing TV personality Chris Evans as Parker, the FAB-1 Rolls-Royce driver. The real life Evans owns a Rolls-Royce with the FAB-1 number plate, which he uses to raise money for charity.

Davros, creator of the Daleks, and arch-nemesis of Doctor Who.

Expert space modeller Mamas Pitsillis, of Studio 2 Models, with his 1.5m (5ft) Skydiver from the Anderson UFO series.

Smallspace displays are nothing if not eclectic. These are a few of the original puppets used in the TV satirical series, Spitting Image, aired from 1984-96. They are part of the Harrison Hinton collection.

From Star Trek to Star Wars, there are plenty of sci-fi models here.