Thursday, August 22, 2013


Two years ago, at the 2011 9th Jet World Masters championship in the US, a flying scale Yak-130 was awarded top prize for being at the limit of accuracy, setting a new standard in its class. And now it's been much improved, in time to go back on display again, this time in Switzerland.

The video shows what you can do if you really want to, though it's interesting to note how few parts are made of metal. Chasing the flying model's weight down meant that carbon fibre and other lightweight materials were used extensively in the Yak-130's construction. The real thing (below and header) is an attractive machine that first flew in 1996. It's presently flown by the Russian and Algerian air arms.

This year, the 10th Jet World Masters 2013 competition is being held at Meiringen Airbase, Switzerland. If other flying models on display are anywhere near as good, then it'll be worth a trip there to see flying scale models in action.

10th Jet World Masters 2013 opens today, and continues until September 1.

Note to mobile users: the vid may not display, so here is the YouTube link.

10th Jet World Masters website here.

Yak model kits available here