Monday, August 19, 2013


A realistic-looking 1:20 scale walker bot stalks the surface of our neighbouring Moon, while back in the service bay, a same-scale figure set maintains the equipment.

The Hasegawa 1:20 scale Luna Tactical Reconnaissance LUM-168 Camel is one of many futuristic war machines that feature in the Japanese Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) science-fiction series. This new-tool kit features 225 components and includes multiple decal options.

It looks great as is, but if you’re not so keen on the Ma.K universe, or you simply wish to make a kit-bashed version, then you can customize it how you like. The Ma.K series makes a useful change from Star Wars and Star Trek, the machinery looking just that bit different to the tech that features in either of these long-running movie franchises.

It’s perhaps a pity that the 1:20 scale is a bit of a one-off, or at least not a standard kit scale such as 1:24/25. Having said that, Ma.K fits nicely (well, near enough, anyway) into the diecast standard scale of 1:18, so there could be plenty to work with there.

The 1:20 scale gives a figure height of approximately 90mm (3.5in), plenty big enough to pack in a good level of detail, yet small enough to stand on an average shelf-top display zone.

The 1:20 scale Figure Set A Mercenary Troops makes an excellent accessory for any matching-scale Ma.K models. It features four highly detailed figures - three male, one female - plus the assorted tools they use, such as hammer, spanner and wrench, and a decal set.

These figures represent a maintenance group, so the tools make a lot of sense. There are 87 components in the box, the figures taking 46 components, the tools 41.

For those not familiar with the Ma.K sci-fi universe, there’s a longish piece of backstory here.

Figure set, LUM-168, and other Ma.K stuff from Hasegawa here.