Thursday, August 8, 2013


Swedish model outfit Tarangus has just released its 1:72 scale Saab J-29 Tunnan (‘Barrel’) and it looks an interesting little kit.

Tarangus hasn’t released too many details yet, but these pix show that the team has taken a lot of care with the production of this rotund jet, which first flew on September 1, 1948.

The components look clean and flash-free, though you will certainly need a cutter tool to free the smaller parts from their runners.

Resin parts (above) include items for the ejection seat, wheel wells and engine intake. The instrument panel (below) checks out as a precisely detailed component.

Flying colours are detailed for three J-29s, including those used for peacekeeping duties in the Republic of Congo, 1961-64, where they won top marks for combat capabilities during the mission. Note that the Swedish spelling of Congo is ‘Kongo’ as shown on the box back.

Tarangus has been making models for only four years. In the company’s words, “Tarangus AB was founded in 2009 by Fredrik Zetterberg, dedicated model maker, aviation enthusiast and sales expert, and Max Nykvist, professional photographer, hobby dealer, long time importer and producer of limited run plastic kits and accessories.

“These characteristics in combination was a great starting point for our company, Tarangus!

“Our dedicated vision is to develop, manufacture and market plastic models of the highest quality, focusing mainly on Swedish military aviation subjects. Quinta Essentia!”

That’s excellent news Fredric and Max, and it’s good to see the focus on Swedish metal. We particularly like the look of the 1:48 scale J-32B Lansen and the upcoming J-37 Viggen.

Lastly, here's an 'I want' for two 1:48 scale Saabs, the spindly-looking pusher-prop Saab J-21 (above) and the shapely cranked-delta Saab J-35 Draken, shown (below) lined up for action at a Swedish combat dispersal.

J-29 kit pix by Lars Befring.

More info at the Tarangus website here.