Monday, October 28, 2013


My last look at the excellent iHobby Expo 2013 includes some famous and not-so-famous faces, and even a book of mine.

The biggest display object at iHobby Expo 2013 had to be the giant inflatable Space Marine, from Games Workshop. The figure was a promotion for the hugely successful Warhammer 40,000 wargaming series.

The prime US model paint company, Testors, was at the show, as was Hornby, with a display that included Scalextric, Airfix and Humbrol. MRC (originally Model Rectifier Company) showed its US distribution strength, with clients that include Academy, Italeri, and Mini-Art.

The Russian kit company Zvezda was there with a new range of models from the animated movies, Cars and Planes (below). I think it’s a pity that neither range is to a standard model scale but it’s good to see them on sale, nevertheless.

Woodland Miniatures (below) is a regular at the show.

Treasure trove! My Scale Car Modelling book for sale (below) on the Motor Books International stand.

Tom Grossman (left) and Rob Schmitt on the Iwata stand.

Larry Thompson (below left) of Pegasus Hobbies and Frank Winspur of Moebius Models, dwarfed by the Games Workshop inflatable Space Marine.

From left below: Steve Iverson, Cut TV Man; Larry Thompson, Pegasus Hobbies; Rob Schmitt, Iwata; John Greczula, Round 2; Jimmy Flintstone of ‘Productions’ note.

Frank Winspur of Moebius (below left) talks to Dean Milano (ex-Revell Monogram). Yes, Frank had injured his arm.

Silly smile time: Mat Irvine (left below), Larry Thompson, Steve Iverson.

MiniArt (below) is one of the companies that MRC distributes in the US.

The Schaumberg Conference Center, exterior and in the main lobby.