Saturday, December 28, 2013


Neat and shipshape - or perhaps it should be spaceshape - model kit of a Japanese anime sci-fi series interstellar war vessel.

In the words of Hasegawa, the model company responsible for this and plenty of other sci-fi kits, it’s, “One ship against the galaxy.”

“…Captain Harlock pilots the Battleship Arcadia in a fierce resistance to the encroachments of an alien race, the Mazone. His semi-sentient ship is one of the few hopes for survival humanity has left. Pulsar cannons bristle from the sleek green decks, prepared to turn warships into cosmic dust.

“Grapnel launchers stand ready to fix into prey and bring the Arcadia's lethal blade ram to bear. Even without ever seeing the movies or mangas, this ship is a piece of lethal art deserving of a proud place in your display case.”

That’s a tasty piece of hyperbole, Hasegawa. Still, there’s plenty in this kit to keep the keen sci-fi model maker busy, with 152 components and multi-coloured mouldings coming together to bring this space oddity together.

The design is essentially a mixture of starship and naval warship, with an old-fashioned pirate galleon thrown in for good measure. But the elements blend together well, and even an unpainted model can look reasonable convincing.

The Arcadia is a fighting ship though, and as such is crying out for some heavy wear-and-tear treatment, with plenty of weathering and carefully applied battle damage. The box-art is helpful here, as it depicts a sort of 'weathering-light', especially in lifting the 3D form of the large, nose-mounted skull and crossbones.

The Arcadia is best mounted on the supplied stand, and this is worth mentioning on its own, as the Hasegawa design team obviously put some time and effort into the design. The addition of metallic detail will make the stand look excellent, and set the main model off really well.

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