Friday, January 3, 2014


This surely has to be the definitive book on the Batmobile. It's a big full-colour title by Mark Cotta Vaz, published by Titan Books.

The Batmobiles book has had some good reviews, including this one from buyer ‘Portland 182’:

“This is a really excellent book, written from Bruce Wayne's/Batman's point of view, talking about the various characters and gadgets featured in Nolan's trilogy, as if they were real world events/objects.

“It features a variety of pull out plans, and stuck in inserts, so that it resembles one of those history books that have facsimile documents, but the content is all Batman related.”

On the downside: “The tiny niggles are that the enclosed stickers tend to glue themselves to the opposite page and damage them. Some tissue paper separators would not have gone amiss. This problem is likely to increase over time, as the glue seeps out from the stickers.

“Also some of the 'post it' notes are glued over the pictures, and a few cm's to the left or right could have avoided this.

“The Bat Cave pull-out seems to have been reproduced from the studio plans as it has a studio-like building around it, and also the entrance for the Batmobile is partially is blocked by a wall.

“Overall I loved the book.”

Batmobiles by Mark Cotta Vaz available here.