Friday, February 21, 2014


The VW Beetle - or Fusca as it’s known in Brazil - is by anyone’s standards an iconic vehicle. Love it or hate it, the rounded shape is instantly recognisable the world over.

Even tribespeople living deep in the Amazon rainforest have probably heard of the Fusca, so perhaps it’s not too surprising that the Fusca-Beetle remains a popular choice for vehicle customisers in South America, and of course, the world over. The Fusca title is an interesting catch-all, apparently being used for many things -  bug, beetle, slug, rod, puller, buggy - you name it!

Step up Danilo Andrade, a talented Brazilian designer who dreamt up this retro-style VW pickup. Mind you, it’s obviously not designed as a heavy-hauler, as the cargo bed is too small and delicate, and here at least has no sides or tailgate.

The cabin looks quite cosy, even if there are only two seats, but the whole comes over as a nifty piece of exaggerated retromobilia, so that’s all right then. Or to put it another way, I can see my 'New' Beetle-loving girlfriend coming over all smiles if she had one of these in her driveway.

Over to you model-makers - there are plenty of kits out there to use as base material for a kitbash - and maybe you have enough skill to win a prize at the next scale model show.

Details courtesy Diseno Art.

Visit Danilo Andrade here.

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