Monday, April 14, 2014


The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is the only operational tiltrotor in combat service. Kits of the aircraft come in 1:72 and 1:48 scale.

Thanks to air fan Tydence Davis for this video, which gives some idea of what an amazing piece of technology the V-22 really is - even the propeller blades fold away! After a long and somewhat troubled gestation, the V-22 seems to have settled into service life comfortably. Its benefits appeal to Israel and Japan, both of which have ordered the machine, in addition to the US.
The most detailed kit of the V-22 has to be the 1:48 Italeri model, which is extremely neatly done. Our early example (not shown) came with delicately tinted flight deck glass, an attractive piece of work. This one came with standard clear transparencies, though you can tint them without too much trouble.

Plenty of detail to be seen - note the delicately modelled actuation arm at the wingtip-engine pod joint.

Moulding trees are neat enough, though care has to be taken with removing items. It's best to use a specialist nipping tool, then trim with a scalpel.

Alternative art from Tamiya looks good, in a painterly sort of way.

Note to trainee pilots: Don't start those engines just yet. Insectile looks provide just enough room for routine ground maintenance, without scraping those precious propeller tips.

Click the ads below for models of the V-22 Osprey - the flying RC version from Art-Tech looks especially interesting.