Monday, May 26, 2014


The UK Automodellismo model car show put on a fourth outing last weekend, with hundreds of beautifully constructed miniatures on display, making the show more than worth the effort for visitors and exhibitors alike.

Here’s the roundup of Automodellismo 4, 2014:

Some of the models (below) bought along by the Britmodeller group.

Nick Allen created the Beyond the Box SIG (Special Interests Group), best known for its amazing modifications to the Airfix Wallace and Gromit kits. He also likes trucks and buses, and is seen here converting the Revell RM London bus into one that is being dismantled for recycling. As he says, “You can’t save them all.”

And Wallace and Gromit are having another ‘Grand Day Out,’ though here Gromit has become detached from Wallace.

Members of the Car and Motorcycle SIG.

New to Automodellismo is Tony and his Custom FX resin cast models. This one will be interesting when it is finished as the infamous coach from The (original) Italian Job. “Hang on lads, I have an idea…”

Another intriguing ‘coming soon’ from Custom FX, a racing Ford Transit.

Also new to Automodellismo is the online Kit Lotus group. Here a magnificent scratch-built 1:8 scale 1967 F1 Lotus.

Lotus also makes bikes. Well almost - another scratch-build from Kit Lotus.

General view of the Kit Lotus stand.

Co-organiser Mat Irvine brought many models, including (foreground) the AMT L’il Stogie show car, shown in a suitable desert diorama setting.

Members of the Milton Keynes Scale Model Club use the opportunity of shows like Automodellismo to catch up on a bit of model-making.

Ian Knott and his dad, Rob, have constructed the comprehensive Motor Museum in Miniature, a regular visitor to Automodellismo.

The Miniature Motor Museum is an ongoing project. New this year is the South-Eastern Finecast ERA, number 78 in the centre.

Parked on display in front of the show was this gleaming black Toyota crew-cab Hilux pickup.

Mat's gold PT Cruiser (left) and Colin Hughes’ amazing ‘Hoppin’ Volvo' estate car, finished in a beautiful custom paint job.

Co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice (left) showing Richard Bailey some tools from the stand.

Going out in style! A collection of hearses, mostly conversions by Nigel Foster of the Watford Club.

Some intriguing builds from the West Berks Scale Model Club. The two Minis, a pickup (left) and Wolseley Hornet (right), are based on old resin kits from a South African company.

Colin Hughes (left) was asked to choose and present the ‘Best in Show’ trophy. This went to the Watford Club, represented by Jon Rackham (in the shades) and Nigel Foster.