Thursday, May 22, 2014


Here's a chance to preview an interesting model book for the weekend - and maybe even buy a copy. 

According to the publisher, Conway, “The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling is the essential guide to making great looking model kits and getting the most out of this fascinating and rewarding hobby, explaining how to build scale models to suit all levels of modelling skill. 

“With full colour photography throughout, the book covers the history of modelling and of the Airfix company, and shows how injection moulded kits are made, before going on to describe and review the major modelling scales, as well as outlining the range of paints, tools and accessories that are available. 

“Chapters include guides to choosing a kit, tools for the job, painting, decals, conversions, figure-painting, dioramas and more. Common problems and how to solve them are addressed, and the book also features a series of step-by-step construction projects, including expert builds of the F-86 Sabre jet, the Aston Martin DBR9, a Panzer IV tank, the Airfix yeoman figure, a Trafalgar class submarine and a scenic diorama.”

Which says it all really. It’s not a brand-new title, but is none the worse for that - the F-86 Sabre build, for example, is absolutely fine and represents the kit that’s currently available from Airfix.

What have readers said about the book? It earns an overall 4* rating, a top 5* report coming in from ‘lucius’ who says:
“…I think it simply needs clarifying that this is a book for the beginner but will give you much useful information about tools and techniques to go to the next level. It takes you through four or five projects using specific kits with some very nice colour photography. I wanted advice on painting and was delighted that this is pretty thorough. I know an experienced modeller will have plenty more to add but for me at my level I'm very happy.”

Less complimentary was ‘Duke sc’s comment:
“…for me there's too much talk about the history of model making, and how hard it was in the old days to get reliable facsimile models of the real thing because of the technology of the day, etc., and a whole lot about who the players were in the modelmaking world. It's chapter 4 before he starts talking about what you'll need to build models!…”

SMN take: We understand Duke’s words, but we like history, so that’s a plus for us. Overall, we’d go with the 4* average, as it’s an interesting title that we enjoyed, and packed with colour photography. 

The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling is available in paperback or on Kindle, readable on other ereaders equipped with a (free) Kindle app. Click below to find it as Amazon, not forgetting there are plenty of other books on Airfix there too.