Monday, September 29, 2014


HERE'S AN EXCELLENT VIDEO UPDATE from Shizuoka, presented by Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). There is plenty to see on this half-hour video - from aircraft to tanks, they're all on view.

We're huge fans of Tamiya precision scale models, and the company's new 1:32 scale F4U Corsair looks terrific. This is the bubble-canopy version, and complements the Tamiya model of the earlier 'birdcage' aircraft.

Airliner enthusiasts will see that a 1:200 scale Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet features from Fine Molds. A release date has not yet been set, though it's likely to be soon. The real thing is scheduled for a first flight in 2015, with airline service aimed for 2017. If the performance meets the proposed spec, the MRJ should be a success - at the time of writing, Mitsubishi had booked 407 orders and options.

One new kit that has us hooked - though it's slated for limited distribution - is the Skunk Model Works 1:48 scale  F-16XL. This cranked-wing design was conceived to enhance the performance of the standard F-16 multi-role aircraft, but remained a test machine, more's the pity.

There are plenty of military kits on display at Shizuoka, with motorised tanks that are equipped with gearing that ensures a realistic motion.

For science-fiction fans, there's a video for you too. Visit Starcruzer for another HLJ video report that is also full of new models. The video is of special interest to Star Wars fans, as Bandai now has a license to make SW models - and the company's new kits look spectacular.

Visit Starcruzer here.

Video and stills courtesy HLJ. Visit them here.