Wednesday, November 19, 2014


STONEY CREEK DESIGNS are run by Roger Malinowski, author of many enthusiast articles and creator of notable railroad layouts. Roger has done design work for various manufacturers, and some years ago decided to manufacture his own Stoney Creek product line, with an aim to build a variety of structure kits to 1:48 quarter-scale.

Quarter-scale works with various rail gauges, such as O, On2, and On30. It's also a match for aviation-standard 1:48 scale, so there's a wide choice of modelmaking possibilities to think about. SCD kits are representations of old Americana and look terrific, though you have to get in quick with an order, as they are limited production and sell out fast. Kits come with full-colour signage, a CD with hi-res pix, plus detailed notes to aid builders during construction and weathering suggestions for the finished kit.

Stoney Creek's delightful Station Diner was created as a companion to the bigger Union Hotel. The Diner is based on a narrow-gauge passenger car, mounted on sidewalk paving and mated to a slope-roof building: “probably the kitchen”, according to SCD. I’d say definitely: “Coffee and beans coming up.” Detail work includes a contemporary Coca Cola machine in front, and an ace retro sign on top that includes a giant coffee cup. 

If you’re a fan of the retro-look then the Station Diner kit is must, whether or not you have a single locomotive to your name. In fact, of course, the Diner would be equally useful as an airfield accessory for a 1920s-1930s ‘Barnstormers’ diorama. Change the name to the 'Aviator's Diner', and you have an unusual place for leather-helmeted flyboys to relax between flights. 

The Union Hotel is based on a design by Harry Brunk, and is a good-looking building, presented in an unusual yellow-brick finish. Detail around the back is particularly well done, with a fire escape, advert, drainpipes, trash cans and more, all included. 

The finished hotel takes up a footprint of some 127 x 178 mm (5 x 7 in) and is designed to fit with the Station Diner to one side. As you can see from the pic, the two structures look good together.

Stoney Creek takes orders direct from its website here, while UK buyers can also deal with EDM Models/NG Trains here.