Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The wonderfully named Treemendus is a company run by Anthony Reeves that really does do 'what it says on the tin', as it is a supplier of all types of foliage, vegetation, and trees for modelling projects.

Mat Irvine: These are the type of natural materials that are vital to provide a sense of realism in dioramas or layouts, large or small. Treemendus supplies in both raw-material and ready-built forms. Below, founder Anthony Reeves surveys a group of scale lineside workers.

Treemendus products are designed primarily for model rail enthusiasts, but they can be adapted to all types of modelling projects. Military dioramas are a popular subject - note the tank in the pic below - but I use Tremendous products mostly for model car dioramas, many of which have been featured in SMN articles.

Treemendus was started by Anthony in 2003, and is based in Cheshire, UK. Note (below) a ready-built tree from the company. The visual authenticity seems to lie primarily in the lack of symmetry, as real trees are rarely as neat as some other model examples would make you believe.

Visit the Tremendus website here. And the Facebook page here.

A selection (below) of the Treemendus product range, including packaging for a wide variety of grasses. The ‘red bits’ in the pack (bottom right) are intended to represent dead leaves.

For an in-depth look at the subject, you couldn't do better than dip into the pages of Modelling Railway Scenery, Volume 1: Cuttings, Hills, Mountains, Streams and Lakes written by Anthony Reeves, published by the Crowood Press. It's a book that's packed from cover to cover with tips and tricks that will result in better-looking scale scenes and dioramas.

 More Treemendus packs (below) and usefully, a small bottle of PVA glue is included in most packs.

Much model work (below) can involve reusing Treemendus materials, in this case conversion into the production of neat scale hedgerows.