Monday, July 6, 2015


SCI-FI FANS GET READY for the smallspace 4 sci-fi fest this coming Sunday July 12. It should be a great day for full-size and scale model fans alike. Star of the show will be the Whomobile, the futuristic ride of the famed TV Doctor.

There'll also be plenty of other science fiction stuff at smallspace 4 - Daleks, Cybermen (below) and many more.

Mat Irvine will demonstrate K-9 (below) Doctor Who's faithful robo-hound.

There will be plenty of scale stuff (below) to keep SMN fans interested.

Recent newspaper cutting (above) talks about the reappearance of the three-wheel machine at smallspace 4. The file picture shows Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor Who. Plenty of tailpipes (below) decorate the rear of the machine.

Drivers young and mature (above, below) get behind the wheel of the Whomobile.

Sleek tail fins of the Whomobile revealed in this side shot (below).

Full smallspace 4 details at Mat Irvine's Hamex site.