Saturday, August 8, 2015


A GOOD READ FOR ALL MODEL enthusiasts, Mat's Marvellous Model Museum is part autobiography and part kit history. It's a fascinating read that's available online now.

Are you a fan of science-fiction movies and TV series? If so, Mat's Marvellous Model Museum offers plenty to read on the subject. Here Mat shows the diorama setting he made for the Lost in Space Chariot.

Custom cars (below) are revealed by Mat as a creative force in the world of full-size automobiles, here captured in a group of 1:25 scale models.

Mat is a keen fan of experimental X-planes (below). Here a group are being carefully removed from their bubble-wrap storage facility.

Mat (below) with one of the most collectible factual-futuristic space kits.

Mat is a mine of information on models featuring Area 51 (below) here shown in an appropriate diorama setting, complete with child-size aliens, and a Man in Black.

Mat's collection features a fascinating side window (below) that's lit at night with unusual blue-green lights.

Mat's Marvellous Model Museum is available now as an ebook from Amazon, Apple, and other online distributors. 

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