Wednesday, November 25, 2015


MODEL CAR HISTORIAN Bill Coulter has written three excellent colour books for anyone who loves retro-style Americana, and the greatest pony car of them all, the Ford Mustang.

Mat Irvine: The books of Bill Coulter (below) come with tasty titles: The Nifty ’50s, The Sizzlin’ ’60s, and Fifty Years of Mustangs. The ‘Stang is a fave ride of Bill’s, and like the other two books, is printed in full colour and features buildups, box art, magazine features, diorama ideas, even period colour charts.

Fifty Years of Mustangs cover and sample page (above, below). The book has a whopping 216 pages in all.

The Sizzlin' '60s (below) has 74 detailed pages.

The Nifty '50s cover (below) features seven American classic cars.

A sample page (below) features a suitably dressed lady driver from the period. The book extends to 56 pages.

Bill (below) performs an essential author's duty: signing a book.

And (below) Bill signs a title just for me.

Bill (below left) talks with Luc Jassens and John Meuller (far right) at the Toledo Collectors Toy Fair I visited in October 2015. John worked with AMT and MPC for many years, and still does research work for other model companies.

For availability and prices, contact Bill Coulter at:
PO Box 111, Alpha, Ohio 45301-0111, USA

Or email Bill here.