Friday, November 27, 2015


THERE ARE PLENTY of companies making aftermarket parts for model cars, but few offer a range as comprehensive as that available from The Modelhaus.

Mat Irvine: The Modelhaus is run by Don and Carol Holthaus, who have attended specialist shows for many years. However, they are on a countdown to retirement in May 2017, so make a note to get The Modelhaus kits and accessories while you can.

The 2015 40-page catalog (below) is packed with goodies for the model car builder.

The Modelhaus has a vast replacement parts range for existing models, which can be a life saver - lost that tail light from an AMT 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass? The Modelhaus can do you a replacement, as a close inspection of the 2015 range (below) will show.

Don Holthaus (below) serves a line of customers.

Carol Holthaus (below right) behind the counter on the stand.

Some of The Modelhaus complete models (above, below) on display at the October 2015 Toledo Collectors Toy Fair.

The Modelhaus makes some unusual models that are unavailable in conventional styrene. The 1961 Shasta Airflyte Trailer (below) is one of these.

The real thing (above, below) has some quirky touches that include a pair of fin-wings sprouting from the upper corners at the rear. A limited run of 1961 Airflytes is being produced if you fancy the idea of a retro-style mobile home that comes updated with modern fittings.

Click here for The Modelhaus website, which has plenty of information, though no pix of what's on offer.