Thursday, May 19, 2016


HANDSOME BOX ART shows off this latest Airfix World War II set, due out soon. For diorama lovers, this collection of ground support vehicles and equipment will really set off a USAAF display.

SMN report: Airfix has plenty to say about this extremely useful supplementary kit: “As US bomber operations began to take place at airfields all over Southern England from the summer of 1942, the vehicles used in servicing their Liberators and Flying Fortresses were slowly changing from the standard RAF support vehicles, to specialised US Air Force equipment. From fuel trailers to bomb trolleys, Bedfords were quickly being replaced by Chevrolets.”

The cgi images (below) give a good idea of the excellent detail levels on the various elements of the re-supply set.

Airfix goes on to say: “Autocar U-7144-T 4X4 tractor unit and F-1 fuel trailer. The U-7144-T was used extensively by the US military from 1942 onwards and was certainly found on most, if not all USAAF airfields in Britain, particularly in conjunction with the standard F-1 fuel trailer. With many aircraft requiring refuelling on a daily basis, it was usual for each base to have numerous examples of the U-7144-T available at any one time.

“Chevrolet M6 bomb service truck. This utility 4X4 truck was capable of carrying a small number of bombs in its own right, but was more commonly used in conjunction with the M5 bomb trailer. Indeed, it was capable of towing up to five fully loaded M5 bomb trailers, which was just as well considering the number of missions USAAF bomber crews were required to undertake. The new set will also include the M5 bomb trailer.

“Cushman Model 39 Package Car. This light, three wheeled utility vehicle will have been used for a multitude of light duties on USAAF bases. A development of a motor scooter design, the single wheel at the back provided the power for the vehicle, which allowed a small cargo box to be fitted at the front. Again, the Cushman would have been a regular feature on a USAAF airfield.”

The WWII USAAF Bomber Re-supply Set is due for release mid-June 2016. It will make an excellent pairing with the new Airfix Boeing B-17G kit, which we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Scale stats
Airfix: WWII USAAF Bomber Re-supply Set
Scale: 1:72
Cushman Model 39 Package Car: Assembled length 34 mm, width 17 mm
Chevrolet M6 Bomb Service Truck: Assembled length 74 mm, width 25 mm
M5 Bomb Trailer: Assembled length 77 mm, width 33 mm
Autocar U-7144-T 4x4 Tractor Unit: Assembled length 72 mm, width 33 mm
F-1 Fuel Trailer: Assembled length 129 mm, width 36 mm