Friday, May 13, 2016


HERE'S A FASCINATING VIDEO showing a full build of a 1:48 sale Eduard Fw 190. There's certainly no shortage of TLC where this kit is concerned. 

SMN report: The model gets the medical glove treatment, which is a definite must if you do much close-in airbrushing. Gloves are great for skin protection, as is wearing a surgical mask to protect your airways and lungs. I once sprayed a deep-sea scene without a mask, and ended up sneezing and coughing blue-green gudge for a week. Never again!   

Weathering and dirtying up is a big part of preparing this kit. Now if I had been a Luftwaffe pilot at the time, I might have had stern words with my ground crew for the filthy condition of my aircraft. But my clean habits aside, this Eduard model really looks the part, especially under the engine cowlings.

Builder David Danek deserves a mention, as the aircraft underlines just how far you can take super-detailing. I particularly like the ultra-fine antenna wiring - and the dulling down once it's in place. Very convincing.

Visit David Danek at his Plasmo website here. Good stuff and highly recommended.