Friday, June 10, 2016


'THE INCREDIBLES' WAS A PIXAR animated movie, released in 2004. The plot followed a superhero family, who were drawn into battle against an evil villain and his hordes. Now the specialist model company Fantastic Plastic has released a 1:24 scale kit of the Velocipod, a saucer-like craft featured in the film.

SMN report: Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, The Incredibles also gained the respected science-fiction Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. So we're pleased to see this kit join the Fantastic Plastic line-up.

Not all model makers like assembling hundreds of parts, and the Velocipod kit is one for them (and this reviewer) as it features just 17 components. The name of the game for a good display piece here is fit and finish, rather than assembly skills. In that way the Velocipod somewhat resembles Snap Tite kits from Revell, which allow a modeller to use the kit as the basis of an excellent miniature - provided, that is, the joy of multi-evening assembly operations are not a requirement.

The evil Syndrome was conceived as a brilliant but frustrated megalomaniac, supported by hordes of dark-visored henchmen, all equipped with an array of high-tech weapons. The Velocipod is one of these, a single-seat open-cockpit gun platform, propelled by rotors (above, below) mounted on an outer ring that swivels to steer in multiple directions.

Velocipods were first seen in a chase sequence, during which their pilots hunted the young Dashiell ‘Dash’ Parr (below right) through the treacherous swamps surrounding Syndrome's island lair. We're pleased to see the two figures included in the Velocipod kit, as they provide the proper sense of scale, especially necessary for display purposes.

Being made to 1:24 scale, the Velocipod is a natural for diorama settings, especially as there are so many other models - from cars and trucks to aircraft of all kinds - being available as possible extras to add to a sci-fi feature.

The kit (components shown below) goes together well, and although Fantastic Plastic offers a spinning rotor option, we think the Velocipod looks best with static blades.

There are plenty of opportunities for customising of course, and digital camo would look good, as would a gleaming chrome finish. Satin-black would be highly suitable for a stealthy night-hunter version. As with all things science-fictional, the choices are limited only by your imagination.

Movie still (below) shows a Velocipod in mid-flight.

Scale stats
Fantastic Plastic: Syndrome's Velocipod
Scale: 1:24
Parts: 17
Manufacturer’s ref: 07431
Figures: Henchman seated pilot, running Dash
Pattern: Ed Holt
Casting: BLAP! Models

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And here's the original trailer for The Incredibles.