Thursday, August 11, 2016


HENRY FORD IS AN ICON OF THE early auto industry, so a figure set featuring the man who said, “You can have any color, as long as it’s black” is a useful accessory for a vintage-era diorama display.

Mat Irvine: This is perhaps a slightly eclectic choice of kit from ICM, but any 1:24 scale figure set is welcome, and here you get three figures, each built up from several parts. You can create Henry Ford himself, a mechanic in overalls, and an unspecified figure in a three-piece suit. As he is unnamed, he can be anyone you like, perhaps a design engineer or factory manager.

Construction of the ICM kit is very straightforward and, although individual parts (below) can be painted separately, I usually find it best to assemble a whole figure, prime it as one, then paint the details. 

But there are always exceptions, and here Henry Ford is best assembled as two sub-assemblies, the upper and lower halves. This is primarily because otherwise, his coat will get in the way of painting the shirt and tie. Leaving the hat off each figure, and painting it separately is also an option.

ICM give full details for painting the figures (below).

The reasoning behind releasing this set of figures is presumably because ICM has released various German mid-1930s cars to 1:24 scale, and two early Model T Fords.

The Henry Ford figure set complements the ICM period car kits nicely. But of course whereas the mechanic and manager are generic figures, Henry himself is specific, and I can’t really see the figure as it stands being of much use in other scenarios.

However, all you need to do is change the colour of his clothes, adjust his complexion, maybe add a moustache, and - hey presto - he’s not Henry Ford any more.

Note that the car in these pictures is the ICM Ford Model T Touring I produced for the SMN review here.

It’s good to see these nicely-moulded 1:24 scale figures from ICM, and it does make you wonder what other kits the company will come up with in future.

Scale stats
ICM: Henry Ford and Co
Scale: 1:24
Parts: 27
Manufacturer’s ref: 24003

SMN note: In a not-Henry-any-more display, the Ford figure could easily star in an aviation scene, perhaps as the financial backer for a post-World War I barnstorming aircraft display team. Merit make a 1:24 scale SPAD S.XIII (box art below) which could be ideal for the purpose, perhaps repainted in bright red and yellow civilian markings. 

Kit-bash and model-modders might like to have a go at this unusual Model T, the Pullford tractor conversion, aimed at small farmers in the US.