Saturday, October 1, 2016


IF YOU’VE BEEN A HAMEX MODEL SHOW ADDICT then you’ll be interested in a special one-off show that’s coming on Sunday, October 2.

SMN report: One of the HaMeX organisers, Mat Irvine, is having a Grand Clear Out of his kit collection, and this will be a huge opportunity to grab some bargains.

Like other HaMeX events, Mat ’n’ Paul Unplugged will be held at Hanslope Village Hall, Newport Road, Hanslope, Bucks MK19 7NZ, UK.

Mat ’n’ Paul Unplugged will feature the two HaMeX show organisers, Paul Fitzmaurice of Modelling Tools (below left) and Mat Irvine (right). So buy a kit from Mat, get your tools and paint from Paul.

Mat ’n’ Paul Unplugged opens at 0800 hr Sunday, and will run all day until around 1800 hrs. Refreshments will be available as usual at the K-9 Cafe.

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