Wednesday, November 16, 2016


LOOK AND LOVE this collection of more than 3500 Hot Wheels cars, with a video that visits a specially-housed million-dollar display of miniatures.

SMN report: One thing that distinguishes Hot Wheels from competitors is the sheer variety and creativity shown in the assorted car ranges. Hot Wheels are hot on trend with subject matter, so if there's a new Batman movie, then there'll be one or more Hot Wheels vehicles (Dark Knight Batmobile below) or themed sets to match.

Star Wars is a hot-selling theme. But Mattel's Hot Wheels brand goes further than simply making replica vehicles, as the Darth Vaderized Character Car shows (below). It must be great to design products like this. Not for these Hot Wheels creatives a week's-worth of measuring an original. Instead, Star Wars can mean getting out the Magic Markers or an iPad Pro and Pencil - then drawing up a new concept from scratch. Give me a job now please, Hot Wheels!

As for collector Bruce Pascal's pride and joy (video below) we're green with the nicest form of jealousy. I mean, how cool to roll home after work in your bright-red upscale Alfa Romeo, then ogle your Hot Wheels Veedub surfie in your personal museum of miniatures. Aaah... great stuff.