Saturday, December 24, 2016


WE HOPE YOUR CHRISTMAS STOCKING comes loaded with a kit or two (or three) and that you find time to build a model over the festive break.

We're looking forward to 2017, as there are lots of interesting models coming soon. And we'll be looking at the best and most interesting of them in the year to come.

Meantime, here is a roundup of scale model deliciousness. Enjoy your break and keep an eye open for more of these festive picture albums.

First off (header pic) are a pair of absolute classics, 1:72 scale Airfix Spitfires. At left is the poly-bag wrapped Spitfire Mk IX from the 1960s At right is an anniversary version of the first Airfix Spitfire. The header card is a reproduction of the original, but the somewhat unwarlike bright blue kit itself was a new version. As for the artwork, let's just say it's come on a bit during the intervening years!

A nifty AMT diorama (below) featuring the Three Stooges and a somewhat weatherbeaten Ford Model T pickup. A review of this kit will be coming up after Christmas.

Another AMT kit (below) soon for review here, the amazing ultra custom triple-engine Blazing Bison.

We visited the Bovington Tank Museum earlier this year and saw these motorcycle models (three pix below) on display, together with a bunch of other stuff. The Tank Museum is a great place to visit if you are in Dorset, UK.

In Mat's Marvellous Model Museum (below) a sextet of custom cars surround The Outlaw, seen here in pride of place on a mirrored display plinth. Gorgeous Ed Roth designs, beautifully made.

Yet more customs from Mat (below) seen here parked in front of a tower of kit boxes.