Sunday, January 22, 2017


HERE'S A NIFTY FOUR MINUTES of fun, in which YouTuber 'TrainGuy659' has mounted a video camera on a Lego train.

SMN report: Which is a reminder of Mr J's childhood days...

Back then, a talented man called Jack Cooke built his own live-steam locos and rolling stock from scratch. They were big-scale machines, far larger than the Lego trains shown here.

Jack built his own garden rail system on a raised track, and we would be treated to sit-on rides, with Jack being the engine driver. While in charge of his pride and joy, he wore overalls and a peaked blue cap, plus a well-earned air of great concentration.

We loved all that, while our parents and their friends got mildly ratted on plenty of gin and tonic and other good stuff.

But after the train rides, the big bonus on one of Jack's steam-up days was being allowed to use the outside privy. Although it was converted from an Edwardian-era coal-store and was pretty small at that, the facility was definitely a privy-plus. For, after his locomotives, the privy was Jack's pride and joy - his very own private rail museum.

There was usually a queue to get in, because once you were inside, there were a thousand-and-one things to inspect - from timetable books and travel posters, to metal signs and - perhaps best of all - the toilet itself was a Thomas Crapper original that dated from the time of Queen Victoria.

The YouTube video (below) shows a modern raised-track garden system, quite similar to Jack Cooke's line, even if his trains were big enough for us all to ride on! Video courtesy 'LMS4767.'