Tuesday, March 28, 2017


WE RAN ACROSS an old Airfix windmill kit in an antique shop recently. The kit was one of the Trackside Series range, all produced to model rail 00/H0 scale.

SMN report: Close inspection of the parts, still safely contained within their original polythene bag, confirmed that the kit was pretty good for the time.

There's quite a history behind the present availability of Trackside kits. In 1985 Dapol purchased many tools and moulds from Palitoy. The sale included various Airfix and Kitmaster 00 gauge (1:76 scale) model rail kits, and also the rights to use the Kitmaster brand name.

Much of the tooling that was purchased is now well over 50 years old, but the kits are still manufactured by Dapol, and form the basis of the Kitmaster/Dapol range of 00 kits and rail accessories. They are still extremely popular, and are sold across the world.

Back in the day, Airfix made a whole range of model railway accessory buildings (below) to 00/H0 scale. The windmill was just one of these kits, all available in the classic plastic bag packaging, sealed at the top with a fold-out header-cum-instruction sheet.

A non-Airfix windmill (below) provides atmosphere in this World War II diorama, set in the Low Countries.

And talking of windmills, here's a new book project (below) by the ace automotive photographer, Tim Andrew.

Tim has brought together hundreds of his brilliant photos to make a full-colour hardback book, called Brill Windmill. He is using Kickstarter to fund the book. View the video and for more information visit Tim at The English Eye or at Kickstarter.