Monday, July 3, 2017


NICE STUFF from Airfix, in the form of this tasty cgi animation of the 1:48 scale Supermarine Walrus kit.

SMN report: If only all kits went together as smoothy and easily as depicted in this mini-movie! But the kit is a big advance on the old 1:72 scale Airfix model, not least because of the extra detail allowed by the bigger 1:48 scale.

We're looking forward to seeing some nicely made examples at model shows, maybe even the odd one featured as part of a naval diorama, with a Walrus ready for flight on a ship's catapult.

Then again, perhaps there's also room for our own alt-history version, decorated in a civil airline colour scheme. The gun positions would be replaced by a pair of domes, each one providing weatherproofing for a lounge seat (with personal drinks bar) for a first-class VIP passenger and friend.

Steerage passengers have to make do with being stuffed into the cramped fuselage, below and behind the flight deck.