Tuesday, November 21, 2017


THE FIAT 500 is an icon of Italian automotive history, up there in the street-smart stakes with performance cars from the likes of Ferrari and Maserati.

SMN report: As you'll see from the Italeri promo vid (bottom), the 1:12 scale model has plenty of working features. Even at 1:1 scale though, headroom in this Italian baby was too low for this six-footer, but the retro-styled current model Fiat 500 fits just fine.

The Italeri 1968 Fiat 500 F kit promises plenty for fans of this big 1:12 scale, with all-new moulds, and a choice of open or closed top. The doors fully open (above) as do the bonnets at front (for bags) and rear (engine compartment). Steerable wheels are included, as are working suspension, and rubber tyres.

Neatly printed decal sheet (below) offers plenty of choice.

The engine compartment is nicely filled (below) though its overall appearance will be much improved after some careful detailing and dirtying work.

Note the very basic interior (below) which was par for the course in cheaper cars of this era.

Instruction booklet (below) is a nicely printed item.

Apart from coloured mouldings for the body (below) and chassis pan, parts are provided in transparent, plus photo-etch and chrome.

Funky music with this video from Italeri (below) shows off the working details of the all-new kit well.