Tuesday, November 7, 2017


FICTION-BASED SCALE MODELS are not uncommon in the kit business. However, the 1:32 scale Revell Warthog can probably claim a first, in that it is almost certainly the first science fiction kit based on a computer game - Halo - rather than a movie, TV series, comic or book.

Mat Irvine: The computer game Halo is a hugely successful franchise, the Revell Warthog representing a jeep-like vehicle used in Halo by the UNSC (United Nations Space Command).

Box front (header) and back (below) for the Halo UNSC Warthog.

As featured by Revell, the M12B Force Application Vehicle Warthog (or 'Hog') is a kit that is designed as much for play value as scale accuracy. It’s a SnapTite model, with a sound and light working feature. Neither of these is new, of course. Many kits are snap-together and none the worse for that. Other have lights, and some - going all the way back to aircraft kits from Lindberg – even had light and sound!

Parts layout. Note these are pre-coloured, though it doesn’t stop you painting different colours. With or without extra paintwork, the combat kit will really benefit from plenty of weathering and dirtying down.

The Revell Warthog is pre-coloured, and you can snap it together in about ten minutes, perhaps less. But the plastic, although fairly flexible, seems to be styrene or ABS or similar, so you can also cement the components together, for extra strength. It also takes paint well, especially acrylic. Being a combat subject, the Warthog’s colours are muted, tending towards camouflage green.

For this build, I sprayed the Warthog's upper main body in Humbrol Matt Green 30, with the underside in Ocean Grey 106. For the interior I used Testors Camouflage Grey 1933, with seats in Humbrol Tank Grey 67. The fuel cans at the rear are bright red, which somewhat stand out against the camouflage scheme. The cans are pre-painted, but can be sprayed over if you wish.

Three figures are included with the Warthog, each a one-piece moulding. Again, these can be painted over to add more detail and more accurate look. Finally, the pre-assembled rear gun makes noises and flashes red when the firing button is pushed. All great fun...

I placed the Hog in a suitable war gaming scene (above, below) though perhaps more smoke and flame would be appropriate.

A second Halo kit from Revell is the UNSC Pelican (above, below). It's a combat machine that looks similar to the dropship from Aliens. This kit is to the much smaller 1:100 scale. Note the 'collect them all!' text. Maybe if these two kits are successful, we'll see more machines from the Halo universe. Hopefully, they will all be to common 1:32 or 1:100 scales.

Production art (below) shows off the Warthog well, though there's nothing to stop you applying other camouflage scenes if you wish. Apart from official UNSC colours, you could try reds, yellows or blues, shades that might be seen on alien worlds.

Picking out details (below) will help the finished appearance of the Warthog model, as will a topcoat of satin varnish.

This full-size replica (below) should keep Halo fans happy.

Scale stats
Revell: Halo UNSC Warthog
Scale: 1:32
Parts: 53
Assembled length: 205 mm (8 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: 85-1766

Thanks to Revell Germany for the review kits.

SMN note: Revell snap kits can be excellent, as the 1:32 scale Volkswagen Touarag rally racer has shown. As Halo fans, we look forward to more sci-fi in future from Revell, and Halo makes a welcome change from the long-established Star Wars and Star Trek subjects.