Friday, December 29, 2017


THERE ARE TWO SURPRISES with this 1:24 scale kit. The first is that the Diesel Junior 108 tractor was made by sports-car maker Porsche from 1952-63. And second, that Revell has produced the tractor ready to be assembled using its ‘easy-click system.’

Mat Irvine: In fact, the easy-click system seems to be another name for a snap-together model. Revell brands include Monogram, which came up with the SnapTite label many years ago, though the description hasn’t been used for the Porsche tractor. But whatever the name, the assembly of this easy-click system kit is so good that you’d never miss using cement, as the fit of components is clean and precise.

Back of the box (below) features pictures and extra information.

There are other tractor kits available. Heller has a Ferguson tractor and Ertl has been dealing with farm machinery for years. That Porsche once manufactured tractors was a surprise to me, though I had known that Lamborghini once made them.

Parts (below) are moulded primarily in red plastic, you also get a small runner in black, one in white, a very small transparent one for the headlamp lenses. Finally, there is a chrome-plated runner, and a set of black vinyl tyres.

Construction is straightforward, even though many components are on the small side. You could possibly argue that if it’s an easy-click kit, it’s intended for junior modellers so small parts aren’t really suitable. But forget that, as you can treat it like a normal kit, but one that allows you to fit parts together. And the parts really do stay in place without cementing, even if you choose to play safe and affix some components permanently.

Page spread (below) from the comprehensive instruction booklet.

Decals are provided in peel-off form (below left) and water-slide, which is a neat touch.

The colour of the styrene tends to dictate the final colours, but there are some details that benefit from extra painting. Although they are both on the white runner,  the wheels should actually be an ivory shade. The roll bar is plain white, but should be finished with touches of black. Some engine details are also black, as are the front mud flaps. Revell supplies an optional seat, which can be in painted in a simulated wood finish.

Finished tractor (above, below) reveals little evidence that has been assembled by the easy-click system, rather than using traditional cement.

Note the engine compartment (below) hinges up from the rear. Details include the battery, fuel tank, and black and silver-painted starter motor.

Other options include a rear-view mirror, alternative driver’s seat and whether you fit the roll bar or not - there are blanking pieces for the holes if you don't. The chrome runner provides trim that runs along the top of the bonnet, and the small circular radiator grille. This runner also supplies the exhaust pipe, though this looks more realistic if it is painted in aluminium or a similar shade.

Extra parts (below from left) include a front axle without mud flaps, an alternative driver’s seat, and a passenger seat.

What is particularly neat about this kit is that it acknowledges that snap-together is acceptable. Kids will assemble the tractor easily, and for them peel-off decals are supplied. But the more experienced buyer can treat it as a conventional glue kit, and for this model maker, a set of water-slide decals are included.  

I made this diorama (above, below) to represent a scene from the long-running BBC radio drama, The Archers. Here, radio character Tony Archer contemplates replacing his ‘little grey Fergie’ tractor with a gleaming red Porsche from Germany. These two models are to the same 1:24 scale, the grey Fergusson being made from a Heller kit.

An intriguing addition to 1:24 farm equipment, in effect doubling the recent availability of tractor kits. Ertl originally made American tractors, some also available as AMT products. None are currently listed, but examples can often be found on online auction sites.

Scale stats
Revell: Porsche Diesel Junior 108 tractor
Scale: 1:24
Parts: 76
Assembled length: 107 mm (4 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: 07820

Thanks to Revell-Germany for the review kit