Tuesday, January 16, 2018


NAVAL MODEL FANS will be pleased to see the latest Italeri update of the 1:35 scale Schnellboot of the World War II German Navy.

SMN report: The Italeri Schnellboot ('fast boat') is a large kit, which measures nearly a metre long when assembled.

It is a superb World War II naval model, but the big military-kit standard 1:35 scale really allows the intricate detail work to be seen and appreciated.

Italeri has given time and effort to make this latest issue of the S-boat (or E-boat as it was also known) well worth another look. The brass components (below) in particular supply a delicate level of realism.

Decals (below) are produced to a high finish.

Pictures of an assembled Italeri Schnellboot (below) reveal a handsome addition to the naval display shelf. At a metre in length, the S-boat dwarfs other motor torpedo boat kits.

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