Saturday, January 27, 2018


HEAD FOR THE BEACH with this 1:32 scale Volkswagen Beach Buggy from the flower-power age of Aquarius.

Mat Irvine: This Revell kit of a late-1960s Volkswagen Beach Buggy was originally a Monogram release. Unusually, the kit was made to 1:32 scale, which went against the trend of US manufacturers at that time, most of whom favoured the somewhat larger 1:24/5 scale.

The back of the box (below) has plenty of details and tips on assembly. 

Today, both Revell and Airfix fly the flag with various vehicles to 1:32 scale, and there are a fair number of aircraft available, too. As for this VW Buggy kit, it’s very simple, with just 22 components. However, they go together in a very straightforward manner. 

The parts are moulded in white, silver-grey, and transparent plastic, with a set of black vinyl tyres. The VW can be painted in whatever shade you choose, though the box art and plans opt for a bright apple green. The decal sheet includes vehicle registration plates for eight countries.

Instruction booklet front and back pages (below) show the suggested green paintwork for the finished model.

Considering the popularity of the VW Beach Buggy in the 1960s and 1970s, there are not that many kits made, especially in 1:32 scale. The Airfix buggy is the only other one that springs to mind, but is no longer manufactured, and extremely rare on the used market. 

Considering that the buggy is a simple kit, the instruction booklet is remarkably comprehensive.

An assembled VW Buggy, as seen on the Revell stand at the 2017 London Toy Fair. 

A current Airfix 1:32 scale release (below) is this Ford Fiesta RS WRC (World Rally Championship). With the application of plenty of off-road dirt and grime, the model looks truly excellent.

Other Revell 1:32 vehicles have included (below, top left) the VW Touarag. Other models below include a Shin Maywa flying boat, quartet of diecast cars, and a figure from the Halo video game.

The Revell VW Buggy is a nice little kit that goes together quickly and easily. Assembly is certainly simple, with no optional parts to consider, but at least the wheels rotate! If you are a 1:32 scale car builder, it makes an ideal model to add to the display shelf. 

Scale stats
Revell: VW Buggy
Scale: 1:32
Parts: 22
Assembled length: 115 mm (4.5 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: 07682