Monday, February 12, 2018


THIS 1:24 SCALE GARBAGE TRUCK KIT FROM MONOGRAM is a custom design that only ever existed as a model kit, never being built as a full-size machine. 

Mat Irvine: In the 1960s and 1970s Monogram made quite a number of this style of car kit, the majority designed by noted customiser, Tom Daniel. In all, he created more than 85 custom kits, and the Garbage Truck was one of them. 

The latest box-art (header, below) matches the 1960s original, but now includes a reproduction of the Tom Daniel signature.

Parts layout (below) includes three figures, supposedly performers in a truck-back band. 

As with most of these ‘wacky customs’ the Garbage Truck takes a theme, then expands on it. In this case, it is one of the most unlikely of vehicles to be customised, a garbage truck. In this case, its purpose is not to collect trash, but to serve as a travelling stage for a rock group - plus being a carrier for surfboards and other useful swim gear.

The latest decal sheet (below left) carries extra images, provided to decorate the included surfboards.

Assembly is straightforward, with a limited range of parts. There is no separate engine, and the interior and drivetrain are simplified. 

The truck's underside (below) is shown here complete. The engine is visible only as the lower part of the oil-pan and gearbox. I painted the surrounding area black to make the lack of the rest of the engine block not too obvious. Note the fuel tanks on either side, which are actually custom trashcans.

As for colours, well it’s a custom, so the choice is up to you. I decided to use the box-art as a guide, with the back end in white, the cab in reddish-orange, finishes which seem as good as any. 

The assembled and painted upper chassis (below) is shown without bodywork or garbage collector.

  The finished model (above, below) has surfboards and SCUBA air bottles in place. Note also the pairs of black swim fins, hanging behind the rear wheels on each side.

A bonus with this kit is that it also functions as a musical set-up, the business end of the truck serving double-duty as a mini sound-stage. For this, three figures (below) of performing musicians are provided. 

 However, a problem is that as this is a 1:24 scale kit, the figures are too small. They are not even to 1:32 scale, the next standard car size down, and are more like 1:48 scale. However, you could call them a kids' band, or swap them for bigger figures from another manufacturer.

A 1:24 scale figure (below) from the Tamiya Campus Friends set shows how small the supplied trio for the Garbage Truck really are.

I created the sandy setting (below) as a background diorama for the finished model.

The original-issue box (below) dates from 1968.

The original box-side panel (below upper) compared with the latest issue, which includes a pair of photos, useful for reference. Note the bar code, which hadn't been in use in the 1960s.
Scale stats
Monogram: Garbage Truck
Scale: 1:24
Parts: 56
Assembled length: 175 mm (7 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: 85-4198

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