Monday, March 26, 2018


KIT-MAKER MOEBIUS MODELS has linked with Pegasus Hobbies, another company that releases many science fiction and fantasy subjects.

Mat Irvine: Frank Winspur, founder of Moebius Models, has passed the reins to Pegasus Hobbies. Pegasus is owned by Larry Thomson and Tom Macomber, and features kits that range from science fiction and fantasy, to figures, vehicles, and EZ Snapz models.

However, Moebius will continue much as before, and present plans for new kits remain, so you should be able to get everything that Moebius has in the works. The aim is that the Moebius brand name will be retained, and in effect be run separately from Pegasus.

Frank Winspur (below left) with Moebius New Products Manager, Dave Metzner.

Part of the Moebius automotive range (below).

Moebius make both factual and fantasy submarine kits. The USS Skipjack (below top) and the TV star Seaview. Note the auto prototype at left.

Moebius Batman-related figures (below). Note the excellent painting and figure sculpting.

The Pegasus logo (below) will be backing the new venture.

Larry Thomson (below) at his shop in Montclair, California, 2017.

Part of the Pegasus Hobbies model range (below). The science fiction and fantasy subjects (upper shelves) complement those of Moebius, while the aircraft (bottom shelf) are completely different. Similarly, there is no duplication between the automotive ranges.

Moebius itself is just a decade old, having been created in 2008 by Frank as a division of his existing company, Doll and Hobby Inc. Since then, many licensed products have been produced. These include kits based on the TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Lost in Space, from Irwin Allen productions.

There are plenty of other subjects too, such as Batman, Battlestar Galactica, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman. The most recent kit is the magnificent Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I reviewed here. Soon there will be new Star Trek kits, based on the three movies directed by JJ Abrams.

Art Director Bob Plant remains with Moebius, as does Dave Metzner as New Products Manager. Dave also specializes in Moebius cars and trucks, subjects which are not covered directly by Pegasus. Although now owned by Pegasus Hobbies, Moebius Models will continue as an independent company, and Frank Winspur will still be involved, albeit in a more minor role.

We wish Pegasus and Moebius, and everyone involved, the very best for this combined venture.

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