Thursday, March 29, 2018


THIS KIT REPRESENTS an AMT show rod that was designed as a custom concept. First released in the 1970s, this new version includes a number of useful extras.

Mat Irvine: Flameout is another concept penned by John Bogosian, the talented designer who created a lot of original machines for AMT in the 1970s. The theme for this 1:25 scale kit is a fire appliance, with all the bells and whistles (literally) that you’d expect to find on such a production.

The box art (header pic) is a reproduction of the original, with ‘Retro DeLuxe Edition’ and ‘Katch the Kat’ stickers attached to the transparent wrapper. The latter indicates that one in twelve kits are moulded with a body in metallic red.

The components (below) include four runners, two of which are chrome-plated.

The paperwork (below) includes instructions, mini-box, and card parts for the attractive and useful diorama base. The 'super expanded' decal sheet (bottom left) is more comprehensive than the original. The mini-box is for you to cut out and assemble, and can can be posed with the finished model if you wish.

The chassis is similar to two other AMT custom kits, the Depth Charger (covered in my book Scale Car Modelling) and the Koo-Koo Kar, one of the rarest show rods of all. All three vehicles - Flameout, Depth Charger, and Koo-Koo - have a rear-mounted flat-six Corvair engine, giant slick tyres (nicknamed ‘gumballs’) and skinny front rubbers.

This reissue, the first ever, supplies all the original parts, plus other treats that have been added this time around. First, the gumballs have new lettering (below) that reads GUMBALL Z-60.15 HOT SHOE. The pre-applied words look good and are a great help with the final presentation.

Flameout's sub-assemblies (below) are shown here finished and ready. Note that I tinted the light fittings with transparent lacquer.

AMT have supplied some nicely moulded detail work (below) in this kit.

The finished Flameout (below) really looks the biz when mounted on the diorama base. I also assembled the mini-box, which sits at the top right

Another successful trip to old times with AMT. The supplied diorama and mini-box add to the retro flavour, and certainly make the kit stand out on a display shelf. As for the car itself, Flameout was never constructed as a full-size show vehicle, but maybe one day its time will come.

Scale stats
AMT: Flameout ‘Steamed-Up Fire Eatin’ Showrod’
Scale: 1:25
Parts: 91
Assembled length: 180 mm (7 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: AMT934

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