Monday, August 6, 2018


THE SEVENTH ANNUAL smallspace model show was held on July 1, in Hanslope village, UK.

Mat Irvine: Every smallspace show has a theme, 2018 being the 40th anniversary of the BBC science fiction series Blake’s 7, and the 50th of the all-time classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Ian Crichton (below right) was the winner of the 2018 ‘Best in The Solar System’ award, a trophy in the form of a miniature 2001 monolith. Ian was presented with his award by five guests (below, left to right) Piers Bizony, author of 2001: Filming the Future. Roger Murray-Leach was scenic designer for Blake’s 7. Simon Atkinson is a space artist and the model maker who built the Blake’s 7 London model. Mike Tucker has completed the ‘missing’ Doctor Who episode Shada. Michael Keating is the actor who played the Blake's 7 character, Vila.

One of Ian’s creations was a futuristic take on a 1930s-era Gee Bee Racer (header, below).

Another Ian Crichton model (below). Note the tiny in-scale figures.

Ian’s model of the Liberator (below).

Film Fangs has a wide range of figures, and is run by John Gozzard (below) and Stu Carrier.

Roger Murray-Leach (below) was production designer for the first season of Blake’s 7. He designed the Liberator, though it was built and filmed by the Visual Effects Department. Shown here is the actual Liberator model as it was at the end of Season 3.

Mike Tucker (below) with the space station he built for the Shada episode. It was made in the style of miniatures then, to match with existing film footage, and was shot on 16mm film, not video, as would have been used at the time. The original K-9 (left) was revamped as the Mk II version.

Space specialist Phil Mills (below) with just a part of his factual-space collection

Rikki Wolfe’s Lost Projects (below) includes both British aerospace designs, and some science fiction models.

Models (below) on display from the IPMS SciFi SIG (Special Interest Group).

Models (below) from a club that comes together as The Vogons especially for smallspace. Fortunately, they don’t read you their poetry…

Well-known dealer Tony James (below) is a regular at smallspace selling a wide range of kits

‘Vila’s Vault’ was a whole room filled with original costumes and models (below) from Blake’s 7, set up by Andy Spencer and friends. Most of the models are the originals, except for the Liberator which is a copy by Phil Stevens.

Pete Hutton’s amazing recreations of craft (below) from various Gerry Anderson shows.

Co-organiser of smallspace Mat Irvine (below) with his display of 2001 craft. These are from Moebius and Lunar Models, and have featured in past SMN reviews

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