Monday, June 24, 2019


HOBBY BOUNTIES OF SINGAPORE continues with its annual Airfix-linked model competition. In 2019, its online presence was boosted by the dedicated Airfix Cup website.

SMN report: The force behind the competition is Peter Chiang, of the Hobby Bounties store. We have featured the competition before, and it's well worthwhile checking out the SMN article links at the bottom to find out more.

Tasty Boeing B-17 (below) in British markings.

Peter Chiang (below left) and his wife Hwa Bee, with the guest of honour, Professor Faishal, Senior Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Education. The Airfix book was a gift to him, especially relevant as he is a keen modeller.

Group shot of this year's winners (below).

The 'Make and Take' session (below) is a useful feature.

Plenty of beautifully crafted models (below) showed how stands and dioramas provide display appeal.

A neatly produced entry (below) from the 2018 competition.

Click here to visit Hobby Bounties in Singapore.

Click here for much more info at the Airfix Cup site.

Click here for more at SMN.