Monday, June 17, 2019


THERE ARE PLENTY OF BATMOBILES available, but this 1:24 scale metal and plastic version from Jada is well worth a close look.

SMN report: The Batmobile has featured in many scales, with designs to match the various vehicles seen in comics, TV, and movies. The Jada 1:24 scale Batmobile has an appropriately high-tech style, and the model is pre-painted. Assembly is fairly simple, straight out of the box.

We are itching to do some re-imagining of the design, either as a competition racer or perhaps an off-world explorer. But that's for the future; this time we are assembling the basic vehicle straight out of the box, as supplied by Jada.  

Familiar face and logo on the box (above, below) reveal that the vehicle comes from the 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film starred Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Amy Adams as the lovely Lois Lane.

Back of the box (below) has useful closeup pix. You don't need help with pant or finishing, but the photos come in useful for identifying smaller components during assembly.

The see-thru box (below) is one of many attractive designs for vehicles supplied by Jada. The 25 components fit tightly into their various positions, so you need to allow several minutes to ease everything out carefully.

Parts laid out (below). Jada includes a screwdriver, which is a useful touch. The body and cabin come as a single, pre-assembled unit.

Assembly instructions take the form of a single folded sheet (below). This needs to be read with some care, as some smaller components are not easy to tell apart.

The cabin interior (below) is somewhat crude, but is as good as most other models in this scale. With some care, you could pick out and enhance the moulded detail, which would add a lot to the appearance of this Jada Batmobile.

The split canopy opens up in two halves (below). The fully-assembled Jada Batmobile is a hefty beast, tipping the scales at around 1 lb (420 grammes).

Pre-fitted interior detail includes the cabin module (below). This is not screwed in, but it should be easy enough to remove and deconstruct, if you wish to super-detail the seats and control systems. Other views show that Jada has taken great care to make this model a realistic miniature.

The Jada 1:24 scale Batmobile is primarily marketed as a toy, but there are plenty of details (below) waiting for older model fans to pick out with paint and marker.

Front-left wheel guard (below) includes orange detailing.

Front-mounted pair of mini-guns (below) rotates by hand.

Neatly stamped Jada logo and other product details (below) on the flat, aero-style belly pan. Note the cross-head screws, used to keep the Batmobile in one piece.

For larger-scale enthusiasts, this (and other) Jada vehicles can form the basis of an excellent collection. For fans of Hollywood, sci-fi, and retro-Americana, the Jada range is unbeatable.

About Jada
Here’s a brief bio from the company:
“Jada Toys, Inc., a subsidiary of Simba Dickie Group, is a leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and pre-school toys.
“We carry a vast portfolio of popular entertainment licenses such as Fast & Furious, Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, and Hello Kitty. Products can be found at major retailers and hobby stores worldwide.

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