Monday, July 22, 2019


DESTINED TO BECOME ANOTHER MUST-HAVE on the bookshelves of scale model makers, this new title is written by SMN contributor Mat Irvine.

SMN report: The Model Builders' Manual is a 188-page hardback from Haynes Publishing, well known for its comprehensive range of automotive guides. In recent years, Haynes has added titles on a range of subjects including air, space, sci-fi, and now scale models from Mat.

Like other Haynes manuals, the aims of the book (below) include clarity and ease of use, achieved by simple layouts, clear text, and plenty of photographs supplied by the author.

The book consists of twelve chapters (below) plus appendixes and useful references.

The interest-packed cover (below) shows you are in for a treat, with hours of reading enjoyment to come.

Detail photos (below) include this test-shot for the Moebius Models kit of Grandpa and Herman Munster.

Mat clears up the confusion between the terms 'sprue' and 'runner' with (below) a definitive description of the various elements used in the moulding process.

Fans of retro-era models will enjoy seeing pictures like these (below), which depict a range of Revell kits. The gorgeous artwork alone makes the kits highly collectible.

Click here for more on classic Revell model art.

Click here for more on classic Revell model art.