Tuesday, November 26, 2019


THIS LAYOUT COMBINES traditional model rail construction with a dash of science fiction. The Edwardian sci-fi story War of the Worlds by HG Wells makes for an interesting, and very different, diorama setting.

SMN report: Invasion from an alien world is an old science-fiction theme, and one that's tackled successfully in this suitably British model rail display. It's a good subject for all model makers, and kit manufacturers have supplied various scale models to satisfy demand.

Pegasus Hobbies have an interesting take on the 1953 George Pal movie, an award-winner in its day, and a classic that should be seen by all sci-fi fans. Click to read all about the Pegasus kit.

The latest War of the Worlds reinvention is from the BBC (below). The three-part series is currently on-air and streamed on iPlayer. It's worth watching, not least because it is set in England, as was HG Wells's original tale. The effects are also worthwhile, even if the pace becomes somewhat ponderous.

For dramatic on-the-edge-of-your-seat action, the 2005 version (below) wins first prize. The movie is set in the US, but is otherwise faithful to the story. Tom Cruise is excellent as an ordinary Joe, a father trying to keep his children safe, even as the world around them is laid waste by the Martians in their mighty fighting machines.