Friday, December 6, 2019


IT WASN'T A TOP SECRET but the fact that old-style rocker, Rod Stewart, was also a model railway enthusiast was probably not that well known, to many of his music fans, at least. But in the scale model world, Rod (‘Sir’ Rod since he was knighted in 2016) is yet another famous face who is a keen rail modeller.

Mat Irvine: This came to light in May 2019, when members of Market Deeping Model Railway Club, having set up their layouts for a display at a local school, were aghast to find their work trashed before the show started.

Who would do such a thing? Well, four 16 year-old boys were having a pre-exam celebration the night before by downing a bottle of vodka – and reckoned that kicking a football around the hall housing the rail layouts, would be a ‘good thing.’

The display couldn’t go ahead, but the trashing became national news, and Sir Rod donated £10,000 to a restoration fund. Then a crowdfunding campaign took the total past the £100,000 ($130,000) mark. The damage came to about £30,000, so the balance was set up as a trust fund, its aim to teach modelling skills to young people.

Now, half a year on, the Market Deeping modellers have rebuilt their work, and the club put on a display at the 2019 Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, in November.

As for the perps, they received 12-month referral orders, their parents being ordered to pay £500 each in compensation. Who knows, in future years the boys may even acquire a more practical interest in model railways.

Two scenes (below) show the work of Market Deeping enthusiasts, while (bottom) Sir Rod was made an honorary club member, complete with personalised t-shirt.
Pictures courtesy BBC.

Click here to visit the Market Deeping Model Railway Club.