Saturday, March 7, 2020


THIS IS THE second tractor kit in Revell’s new 1:24 scale series, this time featuring one of the most popular small tractors of the early 1960s, the D30 from the German manufacturer Deutz.

Mat Irvine: The Deutz D30 is part of the Revell ‘easy-click system’ range, snap-together kits which, unlike many older-style snap kits, have no sacrifice of detail.

In fact, as with other Revell easy-click kits, some parts are extremely small, and may arguably be unsuitable for beginners (the usual target market for snap-kits), but in fact the easy click system can be helpful even to experienced modellers.

Revell easy click kits are moulded in several colours – the Deutz D30 has components in green red, black, clear, and gold plated, so a beginner does not even have to paint them. However, the snap approach allows the more experienced to snap some parts together for painting, then to un-snap them to allow other parts to be installed. This dual approach also applies to the decals, where two sets are supplied – one in conventional waterslide form, the other as peel-off/stick-on markings.

As with the earlier Revell 1:24 scale Porsche Junior 108 tractor, you get some optional details. Here it is whether or not front mudguards are fitted, if the ‘passenger seat’ is installed on the left-hand rear mudguard, and a choice of roll bars over the driver. These days, such old-fashioned features are totally out of the window, as health and safely regulations would hardly allow such old traditions as kids riding on the fenders. Roll bars (relatively new in the early 1960s) have been replaced by full cabs that feature heating, air-conditioning, in-cab entertainment, and GPS navigation systems.

What’s the kit like to build? Pretty ‘easy’ throughout is the answer, with components that are indeed easy-click with no real fit or finish problems to report. In fact, it’s a real testament to the behind-the-scenes kit-production advances made over the last decade or so.

As with any kit, it pays to assemble modules with an eye to any painting required, but overall the Revell Deutz D30 will look good in a comparison display with other tractors.  

About Deutz
Deutz is primarily an engine manufacture, though over the years the company has branched out to manufacture commercial vehicles under the name Magirus Deutz, and this range of tractors. It was founded in 1864, by Nicolaus Otto, who of course was the inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine.

Base of the Revell Deutz D30 kit box (below) includes the now-usual array of extra information.

Parts layout (below). Most components are moulded in green styrene, but you also get red, black, and brass-plated parts as well. Note also the two sets of decals.

The very clear instruction leaflet (below) is printed in full colour. Keyed symbols are used, apart from the odd word, such as ‘CLICK!’

My completed Deutz D30 model (below).

Tractors are of course an ideal subject for weathering. A set of washes by Mig (below) is made specifically for farm vehicles. Of course, ‘mud’ is ‘mud’ is ‘mud’, and similar washes can be found from other suppliers. Click here to inspect.

Tractor lineup (below) includes the Revell Porsche Junior 108 (left), Heller Ferguson, and the new Deutz (right). They all look a bit too clean here, and may well benefit from dirtying-down with some Mig weathering-wash treatment

Click here for more on the Revell Porsche Junior 108 at SMN. 

Scale stats
Revell: Deutz D30 Tractor
Scale: 1:24
Parts: 96
Assembled length: 131 mm (5.25 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: 07821

Thanks to Revell for the review kit