Monday, April 13, 2020


IF THERE IS ONE spacecraft that sums up the Star Wars saga, then the Millennium Falcon belongs at the top table. Depending on your personal preference of course, the X-Wing or TIE fighter just might compete for gold! But there's no arguing that the Bandai Perfect Grade kit represents the peak where plastic kits are concerned.

SMN report: Detail throughout is superb, and of course the kit is made to model aircraft-standard 1:72 scale. And that means the Bandai Millennium Falcon can be displayed next to more or less any aircraft to that scale, from a P-40 to an F-15.

The flight deck (below) includes neatly moulded figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker. They bring it to life, as well as adding that important sense of scale. Note the detailing of the ship's side mouldings, where there is plenty of mysterious machinery to add a convincing look.

The instruction book (below) is a work of publishing art, certainly good enough to make a permanent addition to your library, after the build is finished.

Landing gear and other details (below) are all present. The only thing that puts us off the kit is price, presently around the £400.00 GBP ($496 USD) mark. However, even at that price, there are plenty of takers, and a garage industry that can supply photo-etch detail-up parts, including one that reckons to correct some minor errors.

Click here for the Paragrafix super-detail set.
Many thanks to ModelChili Scale Models for this absolutely mesmerising video (below). The build really shows off Bandai's exceptional moulding skills.