Friday, April 3, 2020


HERE'S ANOTHER VIDEO TREAT from the master of stop-motion videos, Tom Grigat. This time he assembles a 1:16 scale model from the Spanish manufacturer, Artisania Latina.

SMN report: Artesania Latina kits are produced in Spain, and the company’s models are respected by model makers worldwide as among the most detailed and historically accurate replicas it’s possible to get.

Here’s what the company has to say about its activities: “We are a family company which designs, makes and commercializes our products in 47 countries around the world.”

The principal subjects of Artesania Latina are naval models and doll’s houses, for which the company makes all the parts and accessories, as well as supplying woods, adhesives, hand and electrical tools, for these and all kind of model-making and hobbies.

The company headquarters is in Lamadrid on the northern cost of Spain. There is also a manufacturing plant in China, an office in Hong Kong, and a distribution affiliated company in the UK.

Tom Grigat’s video is at the bottom – and it’s well worth viewing to admire the artistry of his work.

Click here to visit Artesania Latina's Facebook page.

And (below) are some of Artesania Latina’s much-admired model ships.

Tom Grigat (below) has become well-known for his excellent scale model videos. Tom's video production is at least as good as his model-making skills – so watch and enjoy!

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