Friday, August 21, 2020


ANYONE WITH A NOSTALGIC MEMORY for classic Strombecker kits will enjoy this vid from Max’s Models.

SMN report: the video is an update from an earlier one, and Max had some input this time from Andy Yanchus and Mat Irvine.

It’s another fact-packed view from Max, and YouTuber Arnold Madderom agrees. He says: “Thanks for this great video. I do have in my collection both the 1909 Hupmobile and the 1902 Rambler from Strombecker.

“I do like both the box art and the way the kit is put in the box. The red wheels in a bag and the chassis and wings put in the middle stuck on a piece of carton in the box and the rest of the parts in a bag.

“The fact that I'm collecting and building 1/32 scale kits and I do have these 1/24 kits shows how much I do like these kits.”

Here are some Strombecker kits from times past: