Wednesday, September 2, 2020


SMN MODEL MAKERS are mostly used to working with plastics and similarly easy to work with materials. But long before plastics were invented, models were often hand-crafted from metal.

SMN report: So here's a video that shows how traditional skills and a lot of patience were used to create a metal miniature of an F-4U Corsair naval fighter from World War II.

Unusually, there's no sound track, so crank up some of your own background music if that's your thing.

But look out carefully for detail, like the push-rods that operate the flaps and other moving surfaces. And note that, because the F-4U model is made of metal, there's no need to simulate worn surfaces – rubbing any paintwork will reveal the actual metal that lies beneath.

It's a gorgeous piece of work that matches the splendid metal model P-51D Mustang (below) that can be seen in the entrance hall of RAF Museum Cosford, UK. Click here to visit the SMN article.